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Inside The Wire

Old Dog, Same Tricks: The Kremlin’s Technological Echo Chamber Exposed By Ukranian Hackers

THE RUNDOWN Earlier this week the Ukrainian hacktivist group, CyberResistanceUA (CRUA), announced their latest attack. In a video posted on their Telegram channel, paired with an article from InformNapalm, they released information related to a media monitoring tool used by the Department of Information and Mass Communications (DIMC), dubbed Katyusha. Another Hit For CyberResistanceUA This […]

National Security

Troubled Waters: Iranian Hackers Target U.s. Water Supply

THE RUNDOWN While most Americans were enjoying their Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Iranian-backed hacking group CyberAv3ngers managed to gain partial control of a municipal water booster station just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The booster station belongs to the Municipal Water Authority of Aliquippa, which supplies water for over 6,500 residents. There is currently no known risk […]

Inside The Wire

Private Sector Hack-backs Are A Recipe For Disaster

THE RUNDOWN At a recent senior-level cyber summit, the National Security Agency’s director of cybersecurity rebuked growing interest from companies wanting to assist in retaliating against cyber attackers and hacking groups targeting the private sector. Clearly, the pervasive cyber threat environment continues to drive this desire, as cyber attacks from sophisticated cybercrime gangs, nation states, […]

Inside The Wire

Ransomware Is On The Rise (again)

THE RUNDOWN Over this past weekend, the cybersecurity and the defense industries were both shocked to learn that on 27 October, 2023, the Russia-based hacker group Lockbit successfully implanted ransomware in the computer network of defense contracting giant Boeing. A ransomware attack is one where a hacker is able to access the computers of the […]

Foreign Affairs

French Connections: How French Defense Groups Keep Supplying The Kremlin’s War Machine

THE RUNDOWN Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, international observers and Ukrainian soldiers alike have repeatedly reported sightings of French technology in Russian weaponry, running the gamut from microprocessors to thermal surveillance systems. Despite repeated denials, documents obtained last week by the French investigative website Blast prove that elements of the French military-industrial complex continue to […]